Scotland’s recently published National Innovation Strategy highlights innovation as a key tool to make Scotland a fairer, more equal, wealthier and greener country and emphasises the importance of collaborative clusters and transformational innovation policy interventions. A prime example of this approach is the Scottish Funding Council’s Innovation Centres, which are currently moving to investment as long-term innovation infrastructure, recognising that transformation requires a sustained commitment.  

Across Europe there is growing interest in transformative industrial and innovation policies and how they can drive change and improve performance. Key challenges in achieving transformation through Innovation Policies are:  

  • Design – how do we correctly identify what we need to do?  

  • Mobilisation – how do we engage and start?  

  • Implementation – how do we best deliver?  

  • Evidencing success – how do we show the impact of our interventions?  

Through a participatory design-led process, this programme explored these key challenges, providing a platform for sharing experience and learning with regional, national and international partners. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to guide Scotland in the effective delivery of our National Innovation Strategy to maximise its impact and drive long-term transformation.

Programme Team

Madeline Smith, School of Innovation and Technology, The Glasgow School of Art 

Prof Carlos Mendez, European Policies Research Centre, University of Strathclyde

Dr Michael Pierre Johnson, School of Innovation and Technology, The Glasgow School of Art

Ruth Downes, European Policies Research Centre (EPRC), University of Strathclyde 

Dr Liliana Fonseca, European Policies Research Centre (EPRC), University of Strathclyde 

Gary Bannon, Scottish Funding Council 

Ingrid Green, Scottish Enterprise 

James Sharples, Scotland Europa 

Dr Emily Wise, University of Lund 

Dr James Wilson, Orkestra – Basque Institute of Competitiveness 

Final Report

Please contact the team for further information on the programme and any follow-up activities.