Workshop 1: The WHY – May 31st at the Scottish Parliament

The first workshop took place on Friday, May 31st, at the Scottish Parliament. This workshop focused on the question of why a democratic body representing the signing community would be beneficial. We heard from a range of speakers and discussed the nature of the difficulties of the signing community to have their views considered by policy-makers, and the consequences that we currently observe. You find the workshop schedule and links to the presentations below.


9.30       Registration & refreshments 

10.00     Introductory remarksGraham Turner/Stefanie Reher

10.30     On being a Deaf political animal: Lived experiencesBen Fletcher

11.00     Deaf citizenship: From the library to the streets – John Conama

11.30     Discussion: What’s missing in 2019?

12.15     Lunch

1.30       Reflections and projections from today’s Chair, Alison Phipps

1.45       Credible representation of Deaf people by Deaf people: Impact and implications Jeff McWhinney

2.15       Self-determination and the determination of Deaf selves – Graham Turner

2.45       Coffee

3.15       Discussion: The electorate and the electable

4.15       Take-home messages – Chair and organisers

4.30       Close