Scotland in Europe 



SUII’s themed call for 2022/2023 focused on building, maintaining and deepening relationships with European partners in a post-Brexit environment.

The programme was co-funded by Scotland Europa, a membership-based organisation that promotes Scotland's interests across the institutions of the European Union and to the representatives of Europe's regions and Member States.

Based in Brussels and Scotland they aim to foster strong links between Scotland and Europe, providing intelligence, policy analysis and strategic funding advice. They have around thirty members drawn from the private, public and academic sectors. 

The aim of this call was to share knowledge across Europe, learn from the experience of others and promote innovation and good practice. In particular, applications were welcomed which build on these relationships to: 

  • contribute to Europe’s economic, environmental and social development  
  • help ensure post Brexit arrangements are as effective and efficient as possible


As part of this call, SUII awarded funding to three programmes: