Over recent years a number of studies have highlighted the damage done to individuals and societies by inequalities in outcomes and opportunities in many different aspects of life, along with widening gaps that are evident in may countries (The Spirit Level - Wilkinson and Pickett, The Price of Inequality - Stiglitz, Capital in the 21st Century - Picketty). 


There are many different dimensions to inequalities (although they are often related, usually in vicious downward cycles).  They include: income, ownership and control of wealth, political power and influence, education, health, gender, and race.


In 2015 the Scottish Universities Insight Institute funded the following programmes which address some of these issues:

Children and Young People's Experiences and Views of Poverty and Inequality: Policy and Practice Implications

The Pinkie Resilience Project: Enhancing Equality, Boosting Wellbeing and Realising Potential in Scottish Schools

Financing the Future: Achieving Sustainable Growth in Credit Unions