*Applications to the Follow Up Fund are currently closed*

Further support is available to participants of programmes previously funded by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute to develop programme results and outcomes, with a view to maximising impact on policy or practice. The fund offers an opportunity to build on successful SUII programmes by supporting a range of follow up activities including wider and deeper dissemination of insights or the trialling of policy and practice innovations. 

Key criteria:

  • Proposals must be made jointly by an academic and policy/practice partner.
  • At least one of the lead applicants must have been actively involved in a SUII funded programme, though not necessarily as a programme leader.
  • Support will normally be for a one-off event or short-term series of activities although longer term activities could be considered where there was a significant contribution from a policy or practice partner.
  • Activities should be aimed at optimising programme results and maximising impact on policy, practice and/or user communities. This could include piloting innovations emerging from the programme; practical ways of embedding lessons learnt in policy or practice; or disseminating results to a wider audience.
  • Support will not be provided for academic conferences or sole development of new research proposals.
  • Match funding is not a requirement however any additional support / co-sponsorship of activities would be considered to demonstrate likely impact of the proposal on policy or practice.