The programme explores the future of palliative care for people with life limiting conditions to build a contextual understanding of care needs and aspirations across the lifespan and scope future care models that support the development of person-centred care towards Scotland 2030. There is a need to focus on positive and preferable destinations of care where the ethos and values of services provide a seamless transition for people with life limiting conditions, regardless of life stage. 


Transitions of care are not simply focussed on the person receiving care but also the wider care circles, such as family, friends, volunteers, practitioners delivering care, as well as policy and decision makers who impact the care experience. As such, the programme will draw the existing active network of cross sector organisations, practitioners, families and people with lived experience of services together, ensuring all voices are heard. 


The programme will provide a space to share research evidence, experiences from people with life limiting conditions, and from their wider circles of care including family, volunteers and practitioners; and will also facilitate knowledge exchange by bringing these stakeholders together with policymakers, to identify key policy and practice priorities for meaningful future palliative care needs across the lifespan.


Programme Team

Dr Tara French, The Glasgow School of Art
Professor Divya Jindal-Snape, University of Dundee
Dr Jan Pringle, Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy
Dr Cara Broadley, The Glasgow School of Art
Dr Ros Scott, University of Dundee
Sneha Raman, The Glasgow School of Art
James Cox, Independent Social Worker
Scott Richardson-Read, Scottish Transitions Forum – ARC Scotland
Professor Bridget Johnston, University of Glasgow
Professor Tim Kelly, University of Dundee
Libby Gold, Children’s Hospice Across Scotland
Jenny Miller, Promoting a more inclusive society (PAMIS)
Professor Judith Sixsmith, University of Dundee
Deans Buchanan, Tayside Macmillan Managed Care Network for Palliative and End of Life Care/NHS Tayside
Lindsay Dingwall, University of Dundee
Rodney Mountain, NHS Tayside
Professor Chris Murray, University of Dundee