Shifting paradigms for dementia: Involving people living with dementia across research, policy and practice

The goal of the proposed programme is to shift paradigmswithin dementia, by challenging current thinking and practice through interdisciplinary collaboration and the participation of people with dementia. We intend to actively explore ways of enabling people with dementia to exercise greater control over their lives, have a voice within their communities and remain socially, politically, physically and culturally active following a diagnosis of dementia. The programme addresses a key policy challenge both for Scotland and internationally, of supporting a rapidly growing population of people living with dementia in a context of political and economic uncertainty and significant spending restraints within health and social care and the wider public sector. We will take an innovative approach to knowledge exchange by exploring and piloting dementia-accessible approaches for sharing ideas, expertise and experience. This will involve people with dementia leading activities and discussion through creative and ‘hands-on’ engagement with technology, the arts and the environment. We will build an interdisciplinary network and will forge knowledge partnerships between communities and universities as a route to sustainable, evidence-informed community development beyond the life of the programme. We will record our piloted methods, appraising their strengths and limitations, and sharing widely through the programme website. 

Programme Team

Dr Grant Gibson, University of Stirling
Dr Diane Rasmussen Pennington, University of Strathclyde
Dr Richard Ward, University of Stirling
Sue NorthropDementia Friendly East Lothian CIC
Kevin HarrisonArtlink
Paul ThomasDementia Engagement and Empowerment Project (DEEP)

Final Report

A final report of the findings will be available at the end of the project. Check back soon.


There are no outputs listed for this programme.