Workshop 2: The WHAT – August 23 at the Scottish Universities Insight Institute


The second workshop, taking place on August 23rd in Glasgow, build upon the conclusions of the first workshop by focusing on potential solutions to the problems identified. We discussed what a potential representative body could look like, drawing upon insights and experiences from other cases of under-represented groups, such as linguistic minorities or the youth. While focusing on the model of a parliament, we lead an open discussion exploring different solutions. We were joined for this session by Maree Todd MSP, the Minister for Children & Young people, with responsibility for BSL, who gave some closing remarks. You can find the programme for the day and links to the speakers' presentations below.


9.30 Registration & refreshments 

10.00 Orientational remarks – Graham Turner/Stefanie Reher

10.30 Example 1: Gaelic in the Scottish Parliament: Being spoken and being heard? – Alasdair MacCaluim

11.00 Example 2: A brief history of the Flemish Deaf Parliament – Goedele de Clerck

11.30 Discussion: Identifying red lines for representation

12.15 Lunch

1.30 Reflections and projections from today’s Chair

1.45 Citizen participation: What works in Scotland – Oliver Escobar

2.15 Experiences and lessons from Youth Parliaments in Scotland and around the world – Mark Shephard 

2.45 Coffee

3.15 Discussion: A model takes shape

4.15 Closing Remarks - Maree Todd MSP, Minister for Children and Young People

4.30 Close