This project brought together a multi-disciplinary team of academic researchers with the Public Engagement with Research and Public Affairs units at the University of Aberdeen to create a series of community workshops. The aim was to combine thoughts, views and ideas from academic research, the public and practitioners to look at how different models and measurements of wellbeing might be applied to contrasting local communities in Scotland. To-date wellbeing models have focused mainly on national level comparisons, this project focussed on how these can be applied in local communities and how they can be translated into policies.

Six events took place throughout the project, in various locations in Inverness and Aberdeen, including at Aberdeen Football Club. Each event was designed to address a different theme within wellbeing and to generate discussions amongst different audiences. In addition, a film captured the views of the local population in Cromarty, on the impact digital technology had on their sense of community and wellbeing.

Over 300 members of the public, members of the Scottish parliament, policy stakeholders and key practitioners in the fields of wellbeing interacted over the course of events that took place. A wider audience was generated online through the capturing of discussions in a visually appealing manner and via the use of social media during debates.

The project has resulted in a series of thoughts around wellbeing in Scotland and in the formation of new relationships and collaboration with Aberdeen City Council that will continue to push forward our understanding of what wellbeing is in society.

Programme Team

Professor Claire Wallace, University of Aberdeen
Dr Heather Doran, University of Dundee (previously University of Aberdeen)
Professor Colin Hunter, University of St Andrews
Professor Pamela Abbott, University of Aberdeen
Dr Baukje de Roos, University of Abderdeen
Dr Sandra Carlisle, University of Aberdeen
Dr Flora Douglas, University of Aberdeen
Dr Lucy Leiper, University of Aberdeen
Dr Ruth Jepson, University of Edinburgh
Dr Sue Bird, University of Aberdeen
Dr Margaret Watson, University of Aberdeen

Final Report


Please contact the team for any outputs and follow-up activities.