Citizen’s basic income (BI) seeks to reduce poverty and increase people’s control over their lives – improving their quality of life and wellbeing and strengthening socio-economic inclusion and justice. This will contribute to realising the vision of Scotland 2030 as a better place for all citizens. International BI pilots have shown considerable social, economic, administrative benefits. Analyses of these, and persistent poverty, income and job insecurity are leading to growing global interest in BI, with many pilot schemes across the world and with plans for four local authority pilots in Scotland. 


This project aims to facilitate:  

  • multi-disciplinary and cross-sector learning about BI  
  • development, implementation and evaluation of BI pilots in Scotland, with toolkits and evaluation guidance co-produced for critical assessment
  • new BI-related research 
  • a multi-disciplinary and cross-sector Scottish BI network to support learning and inform future policy and practice.  


Researchers, policymakers, practitioners and citizens will be brought together to critically explore rationales, requirements and consequences of BI in Scotland, focusing on how BI interacts with key socio-economic issues including: 

  • human rights and equality, especially gender, age and disability
  • caring
  • affordable housing
  • employment and entrepreneurship. 


Project inputs and outputs will be disseminated to wider practice and research communities across Scotland and internationally.

Programme Team

Professor Mike Danson, Heriot-Watt University
Professor Christine Cooper, University of Edinburgh (previously Strathclyde)
Maddy Halliday, Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland (CBINS)
Annie Miller, Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland (CBINS)

Cleo Goodman, Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland (CBINS)
Dr Carlo Morelli, University of Dundee
Professor Paul Spicker, Robert Gordon University
Jamie Cooke, Royal Society of the Arts
Peter Kelly, Poverty Alliance

Final Report


The reports were launched at an event held at the Scottish Parliament in April 2019 hosted by Scotland's Futures Forum and chaired by Alex Rowley MSP, Convener of the Scottish Parliament’s Cross-Party Group on Basic Income.