The General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) has identified teacher engagement in research as central to teacher professionalism (GTCS, 2015). Likewise, the Scottish Government has committed itself to collaborate with key partners and support independent research (Scottish Government, 2023). However, realising these ambitions requires planning and the formation of networks across institutions and agencies. Systems of ethical approval vary widely across Scotland, creating a landscape difficult to navigate for experienced researchers and beginner teacher-researchers alike. 

This programme aims to facilitate the establishment of strong collaborative research partnerships across Scottish education by fostering mutual understanding and improving the alignment of processes and criteria for ethical approval. To achieve this aim, there are 4 core objectives: 

  • To bring head teachers, local authorities and universities together to discuss their interests and concerns in relation to research activity in schools. 

  • To initiate dialogue between these stakeholders with a view to establishing sustainable ongoing communication about educational research ethics. 

  • To agree on guideposts for ethical approval, taking account of children and young people’s views, so that there is greater alignment of processes and better understanding of constraints and interests.  

  • To agree a memorandum of understanding on research partnership.

Programme Team

Dr Sharon Hunter, Strathclyde Institute of Education, University of Strathclyde 

Dr Rachel Shanks, School of Education, University of Aberdeen  

Dr Anna Robb, School of Education, University of Dundee 

Dr Douglas Hutchison, Executive Director of Education, Glasgow City Council 

Dr Amy Hanna, Strathclyde Institute of Education, University of Strathclyde   

Dr Rebekah Sims, Strathclyde Institute of Education, University of Strathclyde  

Dr Robert Porter, Centre for Excellence for Children's Care and Protection (CELCIS), University of Strathclyde

Final Report

A final report of the findings will be available at the end of the project. Check back soon.


There are no outputs listed for this programme.