This programme explored how migrant young people viewed themselves in an increasingly diverse and changing post-referendum Scotland. Did they feel included and part of that change? Did they know how to contribute to change and to have their voices heard? What were some of the emerging findings from the range of research and practice relating to migrant young people?

The programme brought together academics and stakeholders, including migrant youths, concerned with research and work on immigration and migrant integration, youth studies, youth media and cultural communications. Migration specialists met with social media practitioners, and youth organisations engaged with academic research in a new blend of scholarship and practicality that sought to reflect the digital, connected world in which we now live. The project ran workshops and outreach activities. Practical activities included generating three videos capturing different voices and perspectives of migrant young people. The agencies the project worked with most closely were SCORE Scotland (Edinburgh), Afghan United (Glasgow) and Bigg Taj and the Young People Army.

Programme Team

Prof. Adrian Hadland, University of Stirling
Prof. Rowena Arshad, University of Edinburgh
Dr Marina Shapira, University of Stirling
Dr Marta Moskal, University of Glasgow
Oksana Morgunova, International Migration and Gender Study Institute
Prof. Paul Lambert, University of Stirling
Dr Monika Wilinska, University of Stirling

Final Report


Short videos featuring interviews with young migrants to Scotland
by Stirling University Production


Big Taj and the Young People Army


SCORE Scotland


Glasgow Afghan United