Following our international event in June 2014, this event will have a Scottish focus, with a keynote presentation by Anna Buchanan from the Life Changes Trust, who are due to announce, in late September, the first release of funding for projects developing dementia-friendly communities across Scotland.  We will also be highlighting what programmes are already underway to make our neighbourhoods more memory-friendly, with confirmed speakers including Sandra Shafii from the Motherwell Town Centre Dementia Friendly Community programme and Ann Pascoe from Dementia Friendly Communities in East Sutherland.  

Over the course of the two-day event, we will also be hearing from Richard Ward (University of Stirling) and Catharine Ward Thompson and Sarah Keyes (University of Edinburgh), the latter co-presenting with the Scottish Dementia Working Group.  We will explore how we might implement international best practice and, with a live site scenario, test if collaborative mapping activities with older people could help make new developments more supportive of people with dementia.