29 March 2017, 9.30am to 4.30pm

The Technology and Innovation Centre, Executive Suite, Level 9, 99 George Street, Glasgow G1 1RD

Growing Strong: Growth Challenges, Opportunities and Potential Collaboration Models

The aim of this event was to identify and scope key growth areas of concern in the craft beer sector where creative future developments are required.  Brewers worked alongside academics and support professionals in small groups to analyse in detail their own business, and the growth opportunities and challenges it faces, using the Business Model Canvas tool.  Special attention was paid to each of the four critical growth areas:

- Sourcing, Producing and Distributing;
- Branding, Marketing and Communicating;
- Internationalisation;
- Contextual Challenges (regulation, support, Legislation).

A final plenary session brought together the findings of the day's activities, highlighting shared themes across growth challenges and laying the ground work for the action planning of the second event.