Online Conference
25 November 2021


Over our last three calls for proposals, the Scottish Universities Insight Institute (alongside our co-investment partner Zero Waste Scotland) has been supporting projects aimed at accelerating progress towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The last two calls have had a focus on integrating the goals and stimulating behavioural change.


This event will weave together the threads from these projects and the programme as a whole and consider how the knowledge generated and shared by the programme can be translated into practice. 

The conference will take as its starting point the SDG goals (and their relationship to the National Performance Framework in Scotland) and will take place against the background of two major challenges:


The SUII SDG programme comprises eleven projects, covering a wide range of areas including: climate change, place-making, land and sea management, community development, social justice, health, education and food. 

Each project brings a different perspective to achieving a fairer, greener Scotland, yet there is also a strong interconnection between many of the projects, generating cross cutting insights. More details about each project can be found here


The event will offer the opportunity to:

  • learn about the policy and practice insights from the projects ;
  • consider the interrelationship between projects and some of the cross-cutting themes and insights to emerge from the programme;
  • explore the ways in which the insights generated by the knowledge exchanged in the programme can influence action to tackle the Covid recovery and achieve fairer, more sustainable outcomes.

The conference will combine plenary sessions and breakout discussions.


Introductory speakers

  • Louise McGregor, Zero Waste Scotland
  • Rehema White, SDG Network Scotland
  • Angelika Majdanik, NPF Unit, Scottish Government
  • Dorothea Christiana, UN Association Scotland
  • Mike Danson, Just Transition Commission


Breakout room sessions

  • Community action and learning to develop sustainable places
  • Improving outcomes through collaboration – bottom-up engagement and top-down governance 
  • Health and wellbeing in an ageing society
  • Justice in its widest sense
  • Educating now and for the future