SUII 10 Year Anniversary Roadshow


SUII is 10! We are holding a session where you can find out more about our programmes, with tips from previous grantholders, and get details of our latest call for proposals.



Programme Event: New Pathways for a Justice Transition


New Pathways for a Justice Transition brings together a multidisciplinary team of researchers from Law, Geography, Sociology of Work and Political Economy with leading figures from crofting, smallholding and indigenous communities in Scotland, the Amazon and Arctic.

In June 2022, the project held a 4 day workshop for participants on the isle of Skye to collectively produce and share knowledge on the globalised financialisation of land, smallholder and community access to land, and sustainable production of food.

Programme Event: Honour Based Abuse


The first event of the Honour Based Abuse programme was held on May 16, 2022. Leading grassroots organisations and international experts took part in an online discussion forum to share best practice and expertise around the current protection provided to victims of gender-based abuse.