Image taken from the Chapbook 'Fastidious Inquiry, Weird Compliance: a corona of sonnets', by Anonymous

Using novel methods, this programme of events brought together groups associated with debates on state powers of online surveillance to facilitate ethically-informed policy and practice. Scotland is currently in the process of embedding ethical digital policing. A core part of ethical practice is a consideration of the public and their perceptions. In addition, civil society groups have been vocal about online surveillance, but do not have regular opportunities for constructive dialogue with state agencies in Scotland in these matters, especially prior to policy and practice being enacted.

Building on findings from the ‘Eyes Online’ project (University of Dundee), the events organised for this programme used a variety of engagement methods, such as a knowledge exchange symposium and a creative writing workshop, to allow state agencies, civil society groups and researchers to find areas of convergence in online surveillance and data policy and practice. The views of the public were harnessed through a ‘Cafe Science’ event. These events facilitated hypothetical narratives on digital policing policy and practice which will produce new shared knowledge between police, policy makers and civil society to embed ethics in digital futures in Scotland and enhance ‘deliberative democracy’.


Image taken from the Chapbook 'Fastidious Inquiry, Weird Compliance: a corona of sonnets', by Anonymous​

Programme Team

Dr Megan O’Neill, University of Dundee

Prof Burkhard Schafer, University of Edinburgh

Amy Humphrey, University of Dundee

Matthew Rice, Open Right Group Scotland

Giles Herdale, Independent Consultant

Francesca Gualco, Scottish Government

Dr Shane Horgan, Edinburgh Napier University 

Dr Jessica Foley, Maynooth University, Social Sciences Institute

Final Report


Fastidious Inquiry, Weird Compliance: a corona of sonnets, by Anonymous

Engineering Fictions was a collaborative and improvisational writing workshop for transdisciplinary thought experiment and artistic inquiry, created and curated by Jessica Foley. The chapbook was produced from creative conversations between representatives from police, health, government, civil liberties groups and academia.