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Programme Reports

The programme reports listed below provide details of the themes, activities and produced outputs for each programme funded by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute. Please click on a programme title to download a PDF version of the report.

Programme Reports 2015/2016 - Innovation

Adoption of Stroke Rehabilitation Technologies by the User Community

Re-writing the rule book of land ownership: analysing and assessing the economics of community land ownership

Transformative Innovation in Health and Social Care

The Circular Economy in the Scottish Bioeconomy

Programme Reports 2015/2016

Digital Families Across the Lifecourse

Development of Migrant Youth Identities in Post-Referendum Scotland

Child Neglect, Wellbeing and Resilience: Adopting Arts-based Practices

Problems and Solutions in Food Security - from Surf to Turf

Teaching BSL in Schools

Adoption of Stoke Rehabilitation technologies by the user community

Programme Reports 2014/2015 - Inequality

Children and Young People's Views and Experience of Inequality

Financing the Future: Achieving Sustainable Growth in Credit Unions

The Pinkie Resilience Project: Enhancing Equality, Boosting Wellbeing and Realising Potential in Scottish Schools

Programme Reports 2014/2015

Big Data and the Third Sector

Linking Northern Communities socially, culturally and economically: East European Immigration in Scotland

Exploring Access to Mental Health Care Services for Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Patients

Waterfront Regeneration: Transdisciplinary Learning from the Diversity of Approaches in Scotland's Major Waterfront Developments

Seannachies - Addressing Social Isolation through Storytelling

Place Identity Dwelling - New Considerations in the Design and Procurement of Volume House building in Scotland

Programme Reports 2013/2014 - Wellbeing

Pathways to Wellbeing

Home not Housing 

Good Lives and Decent Societies

Flourish - Personhood and Collective Wellbeing

Walking for Wellbeing

Programme Reports 2013/2014

Children's Rights  

Memory Friendly Neighbourhoods  

Solar Energy 

Programme Reports 2012/2013

Active Healthy Kids Scotland

The Well-Connected Child

Strengthening Democracy

Assistive Technologies

Getting it Right for Looked After Disabled Children

Human Trafficking: Conceptualising Definitions, Responses and What Needs to be Done

New Horizons for Cultural Industries

Child Death Review: Learning the Lessons, Differently

Programme Reports 2009 - 2011