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Programme Reports

The programme reports below relate to Knowledge Exchange programmes funded by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute. The reports provide details of the themes, activities and produced outputs for each programme. Please click on the links below to view reports for any of our programmes. A copy of the final report can also be found on the relevant programme webpage.

Programme Reports 2012 - 2016

Programme Reports 2009 - 2011


Evaluation Report

In 2014 we carried out an evaluation of SUII programmes funded between 2011-2013 to identify common themes and highlight some of the key outcomes and outputs.

The programmes are seen to have facilitated a rare opportunity to increase cross-sectorial communication by enabling participants to share time together to formally and informally engage in discussion around the most prominent issues to be addressed in their common fields.

A number of programmes generated direct impact in terms of policy change while others have done so indirectly or will ultimately influence policy in the longer term. Many programmes also achieved tangible impacts for user groups or practitioners including recommendations and identification of best practice. Academic outputs centered around knowledge exchange including cross sectorial communication, new or sustained networks and collaborations, as well as publications, and further research funding.

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Occasional Papers

Our occasional papers series features indepth reports, from programme teams and others, which focus on the outcomes and impact of SUII activities.

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Case Studies Booklet

This booklet contains a selection of case studies from programmes funded in 2012/13 which illustrate the type and range of work supported by SUII.