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Walking for Wellbeing

Developing sustainable engagement between research, policy and practice.

Walking has been identified as ‘perfect exercise’ for health. The important role of walking in Scottish society is reflected in the Scottish Government’s commitment to launch a Walking Strategy in 2014. Walking has direct and indirect effects on wellbeing which require investigation by an interdisciplinary team.
The aim is to develop a better understanding of walking for wellbeing and to foster an interdisciplinary network to engage in knowledge exchange. 

Specifically, the project seeks to:

i. explore current definitions of wellbeing and understand how they fit into a walking for wellbeing  context

ii. consider how best to measure both walking and wellbeing

iii. explore how best to embed research and practitioner knowledge within policy and practice.

We propose three workshops with additional online discussion via social media. Given the interdisciplinary nature of walking and wellbeing, we seek to link with experts in various fields with a view to creating a partnership across Scotland.
Documents from all three Walkshops are available to download below.


  • Programme Team
  • Walkshop 1
  • Walkshop 2
  • Walkshop 3
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Final Report

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Walkshops in Action!


Walkshop 1
31 March 2014 (Glasgow)

Walkshop 2
12 May 2014 (Glasgow)

Walkshop 3
16 June 2014 (Edinburgh)