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The Path to Wellbeing

Gathering together publics, practitioners, policies and perspectives

The aim of these workshops is to look at how different models and measurements of well-being might be applied to contrasting local communities in Scotland. Different dimensions of wellbeing will be explored (solidarity, cohesion and participation) as well as how wellbeing can be promoted using communications media. Whilst to date wellbeing models have focused mainly on national level comparisons, we would aim to look at how these can be applied in local communities and how they can be translated into policies. To capture this we are organising a series of “Cafes” to enable local communities to interact with researchers pro-actively and ensure that research is co-created with stakeholders at the community level.

Our main issue is the importance of understanding wellbeing and how a better understanding of the social, environmental and eating parameters that contribute to wellbeing can help improve communities in Scotland. This will enable us to understand how wellbeing is constituted, why it differs across communities and how it could be better developed and institutionalised. 


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23 January 2015 - Staying in Shape

9, 10 & 11 May 2014

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27 June 2014
Inverness - view the Programme

21 August 2014
Aberdeen - See Event 3 below