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Waterfront Regeneration: Transdisciplinary Learning from the Diversity of Approaches in Scotland’s Major Waterfront Developments

This Knowledge Exchange programme will bring together practitioners, policy makers and academics involved with the regeneration processes in three major waterfront developments in Scotland: Dundee, Edinburgh and the Clyde. These three developments together account for a substantial part of overall urban regeneration activity currently under way in Scotland, and have the potential to make a huge impact on Scotland’s future economic and social development. These three initiatives are evolving in parallel, developing their own independent approaches to city-building and to shaping the new places where people will live and work, with different degrees of success in different areas of development.

Through generating the opportunity for sharing experiences on current and recent regeneration activities, the programme aims to engage participants in continuing networking and cross-collaboration in order to identify the different approaches, outcomes and, in particular, individual successes. The programme aims to contribute to the future development of the waterfront areas directly involved in the programme as well as other waterfront regeneration processes emerging in Scotland. In addition, it aims to guide a debate over issues surrounding economic, social and environmental aspects of regeneration activities in the country, in order to inform policy development and implementation.

The programme will include 4 workshops over 6 months, each exploring an aspect of development across each city and including a field trip, with a final workshop providing the opportunity to draw together conclusions and identify next steps for an ongoing knowledge exchange network of policy-makers, practitioners and academics. 

For a synopsis of the first, second and third seminars and discussion summary from the events which took place on Monday 27th October 2014 in The Lighthouse, Glasgow, 1st December 2014 in Discovery Point, Dundee, and 9th January 2015 in Architecture and Design, Edinburgh, view the tabs below.

As part of the programme, delegates visited the Kelpies and Falkirk Wheel on 11th May 2015.


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Final Report

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Seminar 1
27 October 2014
in The Lighthouse, Glasgow

Seminar 2
1 December 2014
at Discovery Point, Dundee

Seminar 3: Registration
9 January 2015 

Seminar 4: Registration
11 May 2015 
at The Falkirk Wheel

Seminar 5: Registration
6 July 2015
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Download a Synopsis of the first seminar (October 2014) by Eric Dawson of Architecture and Design Scotland.

Download a Synopsis of the second seminar (December 2014) by Eric Dawson.

Download a Synopsis of the third seminar (January 2015) by Eric Dawson.