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Memory-Friendly Neighbourhoods

Memory-Friendly Neighbourhoods marks a new, interdisciplinary collaboration between research centres at the Universities of Stirling and Edinburgh.  Addressing the policy-prominent concept of 'dementia-friendly communities', the programme meets the urgent need for insights to guide the development of environments for ageing-in-place and lifelong social inclusion for those affected by dementia.  

Working co-creatively with policy, practice and not-for-profit partners, and experts from Europe and North America, the Memory Friendly Neighbourhoods team are synthesising evidence from national and international studies in design for wellbeing and the lived experience of people with dementia.  Setting an agenda for future collaboration, the programme is innovative in using live sites to explore ideas, in using new technologies for both activities and outputs and in integrating robust, academic research into the social networks of people with dementia.

Resources from our first event are now freely available online. These resources include:

·         Pdf downloads of the outputs from our two interactive group activities;
·         Podcasts of speakers’ presentations;
·         Videos of speakers’ presentations;
·         Photographs from the event
Our second event in Glasgow in September included a day’s site-based activities with local older people in the town of Kirkintilloch. We are currently updating the website to include all resources from this second event; in the meantime, you can watch videos from the first of the two days on YouTube, including presentations from:
·         Jim Pearson (Alzheimer Scotland);
·         Anna Buchanan (Life Changes Trust);
·         Sandra Shafii (Motherwell Town Centre Dementia Friendly Community programme);
·         Shirley Law (Dementia Services Development Centre and Dementia-Friendly Stirling);
·         Ann Pascoe (Dementia Friendly Communities in East Sutherland);
·         Julie Christie (Partnership Lead for Dementia in East Dunbartonshire)
·         Catharine Ward Thompson (OPENspace research centre);

·         Sarah Keyes (University of Edinburgh) with Henry Rankin (Chair of the Scottish Dementia Working Group)


The Final Report for the programme is now available to download.

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Final Report

Download the Final Report for the programme

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Seminar 1
2nd & 3rd June 2014

Seminar 2
11th & 12th September 2014


Visit the Memory Friendly Neighbourhoods website for more information about the project.

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