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Constitutional futures: Gender equality matters in a new Scotland


The creation of the Scottish parliament demonstrated the huge potential to galvanise thinking about change and the promotion of gender equality. Our aim is to construct an accessible, impartial and cross-disciplinary space to promote debate and dialogue on gender equality matters in the run up to the 2014 referendum.

The programme will insert women's voices and gendered analysis into public debate and provide authoritative research-informed and practice-based information and evidence. We seek to explore the political, economic and social implications of different constitutional options for a more gender equal society.

Three events are planned around the issues of care and welfare, work and the economy, and citizenship and representation. Together they will mobilise a wealth of academic knowledge and practitioner expertise in order to take stock of research and policy developments since devolution; learn from experience in Scotland and other relevant jurisdictions; and spark fresh thinking. Each seminar will provide maximum opportunities for interchange and learning including embedded action learning sets and Chatham-House rules post-seminar reflection sessions.

The programme promises impact in terms of improved public engagement and understanding of constitutional options and their relevance for politics, economy and society; and improved political and policy engagement and understanding of gendered dimensions to public policy.

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All documents from the programme seminars including presentations, papers and agendas can be found in the Programme Documents tab below.

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14th & 15th February 2013