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a development from the institute for advanced studies


Miscarriages of Justice in Scotland

This programme addresses the legal and socio-economic mechanisms currently in place to identify miscarriages of justice in Scotland and the opportunities afforded to prisoners who are claiming innocence while in prison and following their release.

It also focuses on the education and training of practicing lawyers as well as law students concerning miscarriages of justice.

The programme run from August 2009 to March 2010 and included participants from different sectors: academics, policy makers, lawyers, members of the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission, the Parole Board and the Howard League for Penal Reform in Scotland.

Discussions and workshops integrated multiple disciplines including law, forensic science, sociology, psychology and criminology.

Details of each part of the programme are given below.


  • Launch Event: Forensic Science
  • Legal Education
  • Jury Research

Key contact

If you would like to learn more about  this programme, please email the programme convener Michael Bromby (Glasgow Caledonian University).


All documents relating to this programme, including briefing documents and speakers' presentations can be found in the Document library.