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a development from the institute for advanced studies


Investing in an Uncertain Future

This multidisciplinary programme at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Glasgow explores the way we model values and uncertainties about the future for public policy analysis, bringing together economists, management scientists, scenario planners, horizon scanners, psychologists, statisticians and others. Looking at cases in food, health and energy, the programme seeks to gain insights into ways that modelling tools in different areas can be combined to support better decision making. Specific themes within the programme are

1.       How do we value future flexibility, and do market valuations reflect this?
2.       How can we better link scenario planning and cost-benefit analysis, particularly for the purpose of evaluating public policy proposals?
3.       What credible methodologies can we develop to create a good understanding of how public policies, in different policy domains, interact?
4.       Can such methodologies be used to assess what sets of physical, social and intellectual infrastructure policies would give our society a robust transition into the next generation, say 30 years into the future?


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  • John Kay Lecture

Programme team

Investing in an Uncertain Future is organised by Profs Tim Bedford (Strathclyde), Colin Eden (Strathclyde), Simon French (Manchester), Peter McKiernan (St Andrews) and Kim Swales (Strathclyde).

Key contact

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All documents relating to this programme, including speakers' presentations can be found in the Document library.