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Integration of Refugees: a Life Cycle study in six countries

Please note that this Programme finished in June 2009. All presentations and documents relating to its activities are available in the Document depository for this programme.

A cross-disciplinary research programme, running from 5th January to 26th June 2009

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This programme adopts a "lesson drawing" approach to the critical study of policy and practice in the specific area of refugee integration in multicultural/cosmopolitan societies. It aims to consider theoretical and conceptual issues and provide a learning framework for Scotland, based on experience in Australia, Canada, the Republic of Ireland, Slovenia and Sweden.

While immigration to Scotland in the first years of the 21st century has increased for a range of social and economic reasons, the focus of this project is on refugee immigration and integration. The 'refugeeness' (cf Malkki, 1995) of this particular group of migrants is viewed as a way of understanding their experiences.

“Multidisciplinary research works best when scientists from different research backgrounds are able to work together free from discipline or structural barriers”. There is a wide range of conceptual and methodological approaches within the programme team and an aim of the programme is to enhance our ability to cross disciplinary boundaries and conduct genuine interdisciplinary research.

We welcome participants from the academic, policy and practice worlds of refugee integration and are particularly keen to have participation from the cultural community. We also welcome participation from academics and others who are interested in engaging in multidisciplinarity. We hope that all those interested will visit and engage in the programme either by direct participation and/or by virtual contact.

Visiting Fellows
Professor Gaby Weiner, Umea University, Sweden
Dr. Ninetta Santoro, Charles Sturt University, Australia
Professor Bruce Newbold, McMaster University, Canada
Dr. Kirsten McAllister, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Dr Mojca Pecek, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Dr Berit Berg, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
Dr Marko Valenta, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway


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Programme team

  • Geri Smyth (Childhood and Primary Studies, Strathclyde)
  • Tom Baum (Hospitality and Tourism Management, Strathclyde)
  • Emma Stewart (Geography and Sociology, Strathclyde)

Further information

To learn more about the programme and its outcomes, please contact the organisers.