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a development from the institute for advanced studies


Delivering System Change: Governing Decarbonisation in Scotland

This programme seeks to explore alternative policy frameworks for governing and delivering decarbonisation.

Current climate change policy sets ambitious decarbonisation targets. However, there is concern that the current market-based policy framework and the existing tools will not prove adequate. This project will draw on expertise about alternative policy approaches, in particular on transition management models developed in the Netherlands in the environmental policy area. These different models will be applied to the Scottish context in order to investigate the feasibility of applying the identified policy approaches in Scotland.

The project will bring together expertise from governmental representatives, industry and non-governmental organizations. It will draw on both academic insights and practical experience. The policy frameworks to be explored seek to integrate insights from economics, innovation studies, sociology and politics. 

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An report on the programme's findings and recommendations can be found in the Document library, together with briefing documents, summaries of discussions and speakers' presentations.