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Mapping Futures for News

The programme is designed to explore fundamental changes taking place in the news industries in modern democracies, elucidate the underlying causes and process of these changes and identify emerging opportunities for the news industries. It also aims to produce policy recommendations regarding the economic viability of newspaper publishing and the erosion of news in public service broadcasting.

Future of Journalism Debate, 3rd JUNE 2010

Due to unforseeable circumstances, the international conference initially scheduled for 28th-30th April has been rescheduled to 3rd June 2010. The format has been adapted and will include the presentation of a briefing document  reviewing the key issues faced by the Scottish news industry as well as a debate on the future of journalism led by Blair Jenkins, with input from members of the news sector. 

More information

Please email the organisers to enquire about the programme.


  • Future of News debate with Blair Jenkins

Programme team

  • Prof. Brian McNair (formerly Director, School of Journalism and Communication, University of Strathclyde, currently Prof. of Journalism at Queensland University of Technology, Australia)
  • Dr Raymond Boyle (Centre for Cultural Policy Research, University of Glasgow) 
  • Dr Graham Meikle (Media Research Institute, University of Stirling).

Programme report

The programme report for the Mapping Futures for News programme is available for download as a PDF. The report includes an extensive interview-based survey of the Scottish news sector and highlights current and future trends in news provision in Scotland. It also includes a transcript of a public talk by Blair Jenkins on the Scottish Digital Network.