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a development from the institute for advanced studies



Autumn 2016 call - Learning from other places

The SUII autumn call on the theme of Learning from Other Places has now closed. Successful programmes will be announced shortly.

The next call (spring 2017) will be an open call. Details will be available on the Call for Proposals page.


SUII impact programme

A new project is underway to better understand how knowledge exchange projects such as those sponsored by SUII can help contribute to public policy and practice, with the aim of increasing the impact of academic work on policy and practice and associated outcomes. The main output from the project will be an online compendium of lessons, ideas and recommendations for increasing the effectiveness of knowledge exchange in SUII type projects and hence the impact of associated research.

Get full details of the project here.


*New programmes for 2016*

We're pleased to announce that 5 programmes have been selected as part of our Call on Fostering Cultures of Innovation (autumn 2015). The successful programmes address a range of topics related to innovation including health, economics, sustainability and the workplace. 

Events will be getting underway in the next few months. Keep an eye on the website to find out what's happening.



Equality Call: New Programmes

Three new programmes were awarded funding as part of our 2014 Call on Increasing Equality and Realising Human Potential in Post Referendum Scotland. You can read more about the programmes and upcoming events below:

Children and Young People's views of Poverty and Inequality

The Pinkie Resilience Project

Financing the Future: Achieving Sustainability in Credit Unions


SUII Occasional Papers

We will be publishing a series of occasional papers aimed at sharing the outcomes of our programmes more widely. The first of these, on the topic of Wellbeing, is now available:

Occasional Paper 1: Understanding, Measuring and Promoting Wellbeing.

Further details of the Wellbeing programme which inspired this paper can be found here: