Scottish Universities Insight Institute : a development from the institute for advanced studies

a development from the institute for advanced studies


Communications Protocol

We think that it is in the interests of our organisation and those with whom we work that all communications are conduced civilly and with dignity.  Therefore we will endeavour to:

  • listen carefully to all points of view and seek fully to understand what concerns and motivates those with differing views from our own
  • acknowledge that there are many points of view and that these have validity alongside our own
  • show respect and courtesy to all individuals and organisations with which we have dealings
  • express our own views clearly and honestly with transparency about our motives and our interests
  • use language carefully and avoid personal or other remarks which might cause unnecessary offence
  • ask questions if we do not understand what others are saying or proposing
  • respond to questions asked of us with clarity and openness
  • support what we say with clear and credible information wherever that is available