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What we do

The Scottish Universities Insight Institute supports programmes of knowledge exchange which address and provide insight on substantial issues that face Scotland and the wider world.

Our programmes break down disciplinary and organisational barriers in bringing together academics from different backgrounds, policymakers and practitioners.

We mobilise existing knowledge in fresh ways through sustained and collaborative focus on a shared issue and aim to support decision makers in all sectors of society in being better informed.

Our partner universities are:  Dundee, Edinburgh, Heriot Watt, St Andrews, Stirling, Strathclyde, and Associate Member Glasgow School of Art.


Autumn 2016 call - Learning from other places

The SUII autumn call on the theme of Learning from Other Places has now closed. Successful programmes will be announced shortly.

The next call (spring 2017) will be an open call. Details will be available on the Call for Proposals page.


Fostering Cultures of Innovation

The final workshop of our 2015 Call, Cultures of Innovation, was held at the Scottish Parliament in November 2016. Each programme presented their findings in the style of a TED talk and there was a wider discussion of the broad themes of Inclusion, Integration and Investment, which emerged. Read more about the cross-cutting themes in this blog from SUII Director, Charlie Woods

A number of the programme Final Reports are also now available to download:


SUII impact programme

A new project is underway to better understand how knowledge exchange projects such as those sponsored by SUII can help contribute to public policy and practice, with the aim of increasing the impact of academic work on policy and practice and associated outcomes. The main output from the project will be an online compendium of lessons, ideas and recommendations for increasing the effectiveness of knowledge exchange in SUII type projects and hence the impact of associated research.

Get full details of the project here.



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Memory-friendly Neighbourhoods

In the final meeting of this Insight Institute follow-up programme, we'll be discussing what we've found out from people with dementia about their use of, and preferences for, websites and online tools.  Date of meeting: Tuesday 17 January 2017.  More information and Registration.


Community Credit Unions and Payroll Deductions

Dr Robbie Mochrie & Dr Kathryn Waite at a breakfast briefing held in Glasgow City Chambers on 20 October 2016 - International Credit Union Day. 

Community Credit Unions and Payroll Deductions: A Report on a Field Trial